Our next project in the prestigious Zabłocie district of Kraków is the Atal Residence Zabłocie IV investment.


A project that offers office and service space in the buildings of the former Miraculum factory (the Czesław Śmiechowski soap factory). This complements the previous stages of Atal Residence Zabłocie I and II. Thanks to all the stages, Atal Residence has created a unique space of an exclusive housing estate.


The project consisted in the adaptation of historic post-factory buildings under conservation protection for office and service premises. As part of the investment, 21 office and service premises are planned in the building.

Our goal was to recreate the historical facade of the building, taking into account the characteristics of the stages of their formation. The main elements that make up the architecture of the facade are reconstructed historic cornices, lintels and window openings, the original façade material (brick and plaster), and joinery elements.

The main facade material is red brick, gray brick and light colored plaster. The whole project design within the elevation is based on restoring historical facade materials based on completed opencasts and archival documentation. The design goal was also to clearly identify individual buildings created chronologically over the years using plaster and brick textures. The project assumes restoring the original character of the building and entering it into the context of the surroundings.


Aesthetic architecture, combining post-industrial and modern stylistics, perfectly blends in with the surroundings and contributes to the growing prestige of Zabłocie, which is one of the most fashionable and best-developed parts of Krakow.


In the facility we have also designed interiors of common parts that you can see at the ATAL RESIDENCE IV interior.